Does getting bullied create a bully?

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Teaching children right from wrong can be a challenge and very controversial. Punishment is one way to teach young ones not to repeat the behavior that they are receiving the punishment. Does punishment always have a positive affect? Positive punishment is the administering of an action like a spanking on a person when their behavior was unacceptable. An example would be a spanking. Typically children try to avoid spankings so in turn, they will not repeat the behavior to not get punished.

B.F. Skinner and other researchers think that punishment might not be as useful as reinforcement. Punishment demonstrates what behavior is wrong, causes anxiety, and can lead to the child to become a more aggressive person. Something to keep in mind is that correlation does not mean causation. Aggressive behavior can be affected by both nature and nurture aspects.

I read in an article about positive punishment contributing to aggressive behavior. They thought that getting spanked when a child leads to bully -type behavior when they mature. The researchers conducted a study where they surveyed 2500 parents about how aggressive they thought they children were. They were questioned whether or not they punished them positively. The results showed that the kids that were spanked were said to act more aggressively. This makes me wonder if you can conclude that spanking can cause a person to become aggressive. Can a person become a bully if they are punished too much? I don't know if the correlation is strong enough to be able to conclude that. I need to remember to think scientifically to know that correlation doesn't equal causation. I think that punishment can help teach children what not to do and they would learn what behavior they should not repeat. Reinforcement helps teach kids because the behavior that is appropriate and demonstrated leads to the praise of the child. This gives them the incentive to continue good behavior. I think that the most effective way to teach children how they should act for parents would be to use some form of non-violent punishment (like a time-out) and reinforcement. This way the kids will know what is not tolerated and what behavior is praised.

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