False Memories

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I like to think that I have a fabulous memory for details. Sometimes I find myself under the impression that i can safely rely on my memory because of my vivid recollections. However, I do find that my when I first tell someone a story about something that happened to me, I am very good at remembering every detail. Admittedly however, as time goes on it becomes harder for me to recall certain details about events, and then I often question if things actually happen how I remember it. This happens especially when other people correct me on how things happened.
The movie Memento is a perfect example of someone who, as time goes on, is able to purposely repress and change his memories. Though he has a condition which makes him unable to remember any events from the previous day, he can remember everything before his accident. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0209144/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memento_(film) give excellent descriptions of what happens in this movie. Protagonist Leonard Shelby is able to change his memories and denies the fact that it was his wife who purposely injected too much insulin into her body because she could not deal with Shelby's disability.
Though Memento is fictional, it shows an opinion on the false memory controversy. It shows that many people think that people are able to repress memories so much that they can actually change their perceptions of what actually happened. I do agree with that opinion, but I wonder, where do the true memories go when someone manipulates them in their mind?

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