Feng Shui: Pseudoscience at it's Best

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Feng Shui began 3000 years ago in China and is still used today. It is an ancient art that deals with balancing energies in a space to promote good health to those people inhabiting it. The word Feng translates to "wind" while the word Shui translates into " water." In the Chinese culture wind and water symbolize good health, and good Feng Shui is supposed to give you good luck and prosperity, while bad Feng Shui does the opposite. The idea is that all land is alive and filled with Chi, a type of energy ,that if used correctly can lead to good fortune and prosperity in life. This claim however is Pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is defined by a set of claims that seem scientific but aren't. There are no studies to support the idea of Fung Shui and no way to measure if the effects are realistic. Who decides what good Feng Shui is? There is no specific grid or outline to follow, thus proving that the myth has no substance. Some people claim that the effects of Feng Shui can be measured and that a scientific study can be done. The idea is that the effects of Feng Shui can be seen in your everyday life. For example someone with good Feng Shui would have economic prosperity and emotional well-being. But once again, how would one measure that? Who determines what emotional well-being is? The claim of Feng Shui is pseudoscience, an unscientific claim. If you're looking for economic prosperity and emotional well-being in life, I would stick to getting a good education and making good life choices.

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