Gateway Drug or Fun Filled Night of Giggling?

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Pot, Mary Jane, grass, weed, 420; these are known nicknames of the most used illegal drug in the United States, marijuana. It has been a prominent drug throughout the history of our country and different ages have all tried the drug. Marijuana has been a prominent subject in Hollywood movies and in songs; it is no surprise that the youth of today has been persuaded to experiment the use of the drug to feel the "high." Many people state that marijuana is the gateway drug to other more harmful drugs, like heroine or cocaine.
The use of marijuana is solely the choice of the user. They may use the drug to feel the effects of being high and to feel the need to experiment while still being young. A person who uses marijuana for this purpose has no intentions to try harder drugs. It is well known that the effect of marijuana comes from the main ingredient THC and that using marijuana has no serious physical health consequences. If a user is aware of this, an incentive to use it is more prominent compared to using other drugs that are more dangerous.
In the textbook, "Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding" the authors mentioned the use of twin studies to research the gateway drug theory. They are two different persons who have made different decisions about their lifestyle. What if one was more daring to try new things? Using twins to research is an ineffective way.
Others could say that being under the influence of marijuana effects the decision to try another drug while being high. Yes, a person is more vulnerable but it circles back around to morals and values. If a person has strong values of not using dangerous drugs they will not. All the people I know who consume marijuana all agree with this. It is a personal decision.
The choice to use marijuana or any drug at that point is strictly the choice of the user. There is no way to prove that marijuana is a gateway drug or it influences to consume others in any way. If the user decides to consume harsher drugs it's the users decision.

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