How am i supposed to learn the steps to this math problem?

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We've all heard of "I before E except after C", PEMDAS, and ROY G BIV. These are all examples of mnemonic devices. A mnemonic device is a learning aid, strategy, or device that helps you remember something. Some types of mnemonic devices include rhymes, pictures, graphs and even poems. I also included a link to an website which states the top ten most mnemonic devices and when I looked at them I realized I have learned most of them! Mnemonic devices rely on memory strategy's. They help people remember things more easily. There are different types of mnemonic devices like the Pegword method which is a rhyming method. Also there is the method of Loci which relies on the imagery of places. We can provide mnemonic devices to everyday things like remembering the colors of the rainbow or something as simple as what we need from the grocery store.

Mnemonic devices have worked in the past for me very well. I find it easier to remember a poem or a sentence rather than having to remember some bit of information all at once. Many mnemonic devices I have learned throughout my years in school. For example , PEMDAS which stands for parenthesis, exponents, multiply, division, addition,subtraction. This is a math operation I learned in middle school and I am still using it today.

This makes me wonder why teachers don't turn everything in mnemonic devices? This would mean that everything we would be learning in classrooms would be either in the form of rhyme , picture or maybe even a poem. I think that this would be a useful approach but it would also be a difficult approach.

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