How do I know the "Blue" I see is the same as the "Blue" you see?

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Can you tell which color is different?

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Through out this blog post I will frequently be referencing this video.

What is being discussed in BBC Horizon: Do you see what I see?, is a persons perception of color and how it is affected during development. When comparing the brains of children pre and post language, a startling discovery was made. In the infant, the right side of the brain processes the color categories, categorizing them even though he doesn't yet have words for the categories. When the 3 year old does the same experiment, his category effect is detected stronger in the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is dominate for language because in contains both broca's and wernicke's area, responsible for speech production and comprehension respectively; as discussed in lecture. As soon as language begins to develop, color categorizing information jumps across the corpus callasom to the language area of the brain. This demonstrates a relationship between the primary visual cortex and an association cortex. It suggests that the learning of language effects the development of the dorsal and ventral pathways. If this were correct then would it be possible for one's language to effect how they perceive color? This is what the researchers in BBC Horizon: Do you see what I see? attempted to find out.
The experiments preformed with The Himba tribe yield mind blowing results that indicate that the language one is taught shapes their perception of color and their entire process of color categorization. This is an extraordinary claim and it requires much more evidence before it can be accepted as true. There is also a possible rival hypothesis that the Himba tribe underwent an extreme population bottleneck, resulting in some form of genetic mutation spread nearly universally throughout the population, such as the absence of the cones necessary to see certain colors.
So in short, I don't know if we see the same "blue"; based on our cultures, we could perceive "blue" entirely differently.

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