How do we make decisions?

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How do we make our decisions? Are we always aware of why we choose to do something? Before I watched the BBC clip I always thought that I was in control of what I choose to do. Now that I have seen it I'm starting to think that I'm not totally in control of my choices. In the clip we learn that our brain has decided what we are going to do 6 seconds before we physically know. Since this is true am I really choosing whether to do my homework right now or is it my brain that knows I need to get it done to succeed so it makes the unconscious decision for me? If that is true our bodies are like puppets being controlled by gray matter in our brains. To compare it to something it's like a parasite in a host body because the parasite needs the host to function. Our brain in this case would be the parasite and our bodies would be the host. The whole time we think that we are in control of our thoughts when in actuality our decisions have been pre chosen for us by our brains.
What if our whole life was already planned out for us and our brains remember what we were supposed to do 6 seconds before? This would be similar to being a robot from the start. This claim would need extraordinary evidence to prove. It may be possible to prove this claim but we will not achieve it in my lifetime at least.
We may never truly understand how we make our decisions in everyday life but one thing is for sure it's not as easy as saying that "I make my own decisions."

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