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Inception is a very popular movie that incorporates false memories as well as lucid dreaming. In the movie some people know how to get into other people's dreams with a certain machine. They were paid to implant a simple memory into the son of a major electric company that was about to take over. The memory they were told to implant was that his dad wanted him to make his own legacy. This false memory was to be implanted to ensure that the electric company would be broken up in to smaller firms. If this company wasn't split up the competitors company would have gone out of business.
Lucid dreaming played a huge role in this movie because if the man would have known that he was dreaming the whole time and he would have kept the company together. The men that were doing the implanting did in fact know that they were dreaming which gave them the upper hand and allowed them to implant a false memory.
False memories also played a huge role in this particular movie. It allowed them to make the subject believe that his dad loved him and that he wanted him to create his own future instead of following in his footsteps.
False memories also are a part of our everyday life. Some memoires change over time and if one is told that they are a rapist like Paul Ingram's case they will start to think they are one. This happens because our brain starts to make memories to go along with what people have told us even though we never experienced them.

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