Jenny McCarthy- Thimerosal Causes Autism

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These two articles explain the claim the Jenny McCarthy made about Thimerosal in vaccines being the cause of childhood autism. In 2006 Jenny began referring to her son as a "Crystal Child," a child of the earth. By 2007, she wasn't calling him that anymore. Her son, Evan, had been diagnosed with autism. Immediately Jenny believed that the disease was because of her son's vaccines as a child. She started to speak out about how children shouldn't be getting vaccinated because the compound Thimerosal was causing children, like her son, to develop autism. She went public with her belief and many other people began believe her claim. Because of that, many illnesses that would be otherwise preventable by vaccines have developed in children, and 738 people have died. This could be evaluated using all of the principles of scientific thinking. First, ruling out rival hypotheses. Could there be any other explanations for why children are being diagnosed with autism? Yes. Jenny should have looked in to other areas of research as well. The main reason we know her son couldn't have been affected by his vaccine is because the medical companies stopped using mercury and Thimerosal altogether in vaccines in 1999 ( People should not have believed her just because of her status. Secondly, correlation isn't causation. This would be a time where correlation does not equal causation. There is no scientific evidence linking Thimerosal to autism. There is, however evidence that says that Thimerosal is not in any way related to autism. Falsifiability could also be used because the claim could be disproved. When the claim that autism and Thimerosal were originally linked came out, many researches began testing it. Since the testing began under JFK's presidency, there have been no results showing a link to the two ( Has autism declined since Thimerosal has been removed as a preservative for vaccines? No. Autism has not declined at all. People should have looked to other sources and tests before agreeing to a claim made by a celebrity. Replicability is when results can be duplicated in other studies. Many different studies have been done on this theory and all have come to the same conclusion. They are in no way related. Recently a court ruling proved that the scientific evidence has been tested multiple times. Autism has nothing to do with Thimerosal. Lastly, Occam's razor; while saying that Thimerosal was the cause could have been the simplest explanation for why children were being diagnosed with autism, that doesn't necessarily mean that that was right. Occam's razor is typically only viewed as a guideline.

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