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Can A Person Change Someone Else's Behavior?

In the blog, "Are You Teaching People to Treat You Badly?" the author emphases on how people are accustomed to the Law of Effect. The Law of Effect states that the events that fallow an action will weaken or strengthen the likelihood that it will happen again, because behavior comes from the function of consequences. The article gives an example of an abused wife who tries to make her husband happy, for example cook him his favorite dinner after he mistreats her. The author explains how the abused wife is rewarding her husband's behavior, and her husband will only change if she shows him that she will only be kind and helpful as long as he is. Using a critical thinking skill, correlation isn't causation, many can argue that the way the wife treats her husband is not related to the way her husband treats her. Also there is not enough evidence to prove the author's claim. The author does not describe how he found this theory, how he tested it, and what the results were. The author did not conclude anything about having an experimental group and a control group; therefore, the reader thinks that this experiment was only tested on a few people. The author cannot prove that his theory is true with the small amount of experiments that he concluded. An alternative explanation for the husband abusive behavior is that it's due to his nature. The husband's parents might have also been abusive, therefore, it is in the husbands genes to be abusive and his wife cannot change that. Overall, the Law of Effect may not apply to the cases of abusive behavior.

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