Lucid Dreaming

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If you have ever been dreaming, and suddenly realized that you are dreaming, you have had a lucid dream. The fact is, many individuals have experienced this phenomena one time or another in their lives, whether you know it or not. There are actually people that claim they are lucid dreamers, stating they understand when they are performing a lucid dream and comprehend it. These dreamers will acknowledge they are having such dreams by small cues such as looking at a watch in their dream and having it say a word or something completely bizarre. Once the dreamer understands that they are having a "special dream" they can bend their dream and turn it into nearly whatever they desire. I decided to choose this topic due to the fact I have actually had a lucid dream and comprehended it. It was a very weird occurrence and I hardly understood what happened until I awoke. To my understanding this tends to happen to beginner lucid dreamers. I realize that not every individual has the opportunity to comprehend a dream like this and for me to even realize I have had the occurrence is outstanding to me. Leading me to hope for the best in the future and hopefully one day be able to bend a dream to my desire. I hope we discus this topic more thoroughly in class so other classmates who have had similar instances can also comprehend such a phenomena. All in all, lucid dreaming is rare, but even one chance at this bizarre occurrence is enough to get me hooked on the subject.

This video is an example of someone who has "become" a lucid dreamer and has tips on how to become a better dreamer.

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