Marijuana: How the legalization of medical "ghanja" in all 50 states could benefit people's mental health

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Marijuana: How the legalization of medical "ghanja" in all 50 states could benefit people's mental health

Anorexia is a somewhat common disorder in which those affected have an acute loss of appetite, usually stemming from an exaggerated response to cultural standards of beauty. Those affected force themselves not to eat to meet a certain image they want themselves to portray. Over time, those affected become accustomed to not eating and do not provide themselves with the necessary calories.

One of the components of marijuana is delta-9 THC which increases appetite. Coincidentally, the chemical in our body that increases appetite is THC. Studies show that when THC is consumed in precise amounts it doubles a person's appetite. If those affected by anorexia were allowed the right to purchase medical marijuana in states such as Florida, which doesn't have legal medical marijuana, they could eventually reverse the effects of their anorexia. Without making marijuana legal in all 50 states, people in Florida would have to drive all the way to New Jersey to find their outlet.

With the increase appetite in appetite it will stabilize their weight back to healthy levels. The legalization of medical marijuana would help many people psychology, especially those with anorexia. Hopefully someday the legalization of marijuana will come into effect and those in need will receive help. Although it does need to happen for those people there is one main obstacle legalization must overcome: stigma. The awful stigma associated with marijuana in America has been the main source of the problem with legalization. In order to fix this problem I propose the statistics be shared with the people of America and remove the stigma. Giving people the true facts about medical marijuana will change people's views on the drug.

Hopefully the change in stigma will take place in the near future and the people in true need of medical marijuana will have access to this.

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