Narcolepsy in movies

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I am writing about a sleep condition called narcolepsy. Although it is not a very common disorder, I have seen it in one movie and it is presented correctly. Although I've never seen someone who actually has the disorder in person, the movie presents it in a way that I would assume it to be like. The movie is Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. While reading about this, this scene popped into my mind.

I think they over dramatized her disorder because it is a comedy, but it does overall display what narcolepsy is. Deuce Bigalow is a male prostitute and the female with the disorder is one of his customers. Rather then having sex with her, he just sleeps in her bed. The book talks about how it is common for an urge to sleep occur during strong emotions- such as sexual intercourse. This is displayed in the movie. I think that even without purpose, the movie director created the scene into a knowledgeable learning session (this is kind of an over exaggeration) by throwing the disorder in the movie. Before viewing that movie, I never knew or had even heard of narcolepsy.

I don't think the movie director knew exactly what narcolepsy was, but I wouldn't change the way he did anything simply because it fits in with the rest of the movie. It puts a little humor in the disorder, which could offend someone with the disorder. Over all though, I think it's a perfect example of psychology and disorders that you would not always recognize if you hadn't taken this course!

One question I do have about this disorder is in what ways does it restrict someone's life. I feel like it would be very dangerous for these people to operate vehicles, etc. One thing this makes me think about is what jobs these people have as well. I give people with this disorder a lot of props because I'm sure it is hard to live with something like this.

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