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The "Nature vs. Nurture" debate is one that will likely never end, but I think that some of the most powerful evidence for this debate comes from twin studies. I think this because in studying identical twins the majority of genetic, or "nature", can be taken from the equation. This allows a person to instead focus more on nurture aspects. From an example of twins that I know I think that different aspects of a person's personality are more affected by nature or nurture. Obviously generalizations I make based off of one set of twins I know doesn't provide quite enough data for conclusions about all people, but some of the observations that I made seemed to line up with research done by other people. For example, I think intelligence is something that relies heavily on nature. While being in an environment that promotes studying and learning can certainly make a person smarter, certain people have specific abilities they are naturally better at. This is backed up by a study by Robert Nicols that concluded identical twins having intelligence and abilities more tightly correlated then that of fraternal twins. This was consistent with what I had observed with the twins that I knew, they very rarely were more than a letter grade apart in any class that they took. In contrast with the close levels of intelligence, they had somewhat different personalities. One was much more of an introvert, while the other was an extrovert. This had somewhat mixed results with studies that I looked up. Some said that depending on the personality trait, some things were more heavily dependent on nature while others were more heavily dependent on nurture. But nearly everything I read agreed that all traits are based at least partially on both nature and nurture.
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