Nature vs. Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

For a very long time there has been talk about how video games, especially violent one, effect the way children act. The question is whether being brought up in a world where video games are very popular (nurture) are changing the way that children act, normally in a more aggressive and violent manner. The nature side of this topic would be genetic make-up and other things like that. Personality traits could also be considered nature because many consider personality traits as something that can be passed down. In this study they found that the violent content was not the change in behavior but rather the competition. The researchers believe that the high level of competition in games cause higher levels of aggression. However, there is still much debate going on about the subject. When defining nature versus nurture we try to figure out is the way people act comes from genes, which is nature, or from the environment, which is nurture. Almost everything can be argued to come from both sides, so we tend to say that they are almost equally influential. To go back to the findings of the study, it looks like nurture definitely plays a role in the aggressiveness of children who play video games. It is quite easy for people also to assume that nature also contributes to aggressiveness. An example of this would be something like a chemical imbalance in the brain that or something like that. So when it comes to the aggressiveness to video gamers, I would say that both nature and nurture affect the gamer.

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