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Within the pages of 91-93 in our textbook, the idea of neural plasticity is briefly mentioned. It is defined simply as the ability of the nervous system to change. The textbook mentions that it is a process that occurs over the course of development but slows greatly as one ages. Especially when it comes to injury, more specifically brain injury.
We talked about this in another one of my classes and did a case study about the subject in this video. Barach y Rita was one of the great leaders concept. It started when his father suffered a paralyzing stroke but with the dedication of his brother, and many repetitive exercises, was eventually able to function normally again. His brother, a neuroscientist, took this idea skeptically at first, but from this concept he was able to eventually create the thesis that we see with our brain, not our eyes and create a product that allowed that to be possible. With his research a tool was developed that would capture and image with a camera and send it's shape to a chip on the user's tongue allowing them to make out the shapes around them, for some, for the first times in their lives.
I realize this is an extraordinary claim, but in this research there is extraordinary evidence. It has also been replicated. There could also be a study done to disprove this claim, for example checking to see what parts of the brain is active while using this device, and that has been done and proved that stimulus that was being felt on the tongue was being sent into the visual cortex.

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