Night Terrors

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When learning about consciousness, sleep is a topic that first comes to mind. One of the serious sleep disorders that our Psychology book discusses is that of night terrors. The book clarifies what a night terror is the "sudden waking episodes characterized by screaming, perspiring, and confusion followed by a return to a deep sleep." In more common language a night terror is a a feeling of death or terror that usually occurs in the first couple stages of sleep. A night terror is not the same thing as a nightmare.

This disorder is most common in children ages 2 to 6, but night terrors "occasionally occur in adults, especially when they're under intense stress"(Lilienfeld). I think that this concept is very important because it is common in many people. I have also experienced night terrors in my pet dog as well. These terrors are so severe that we often have to pull furniture away from the space around my dog and we struggle to even wake her up. In cases such as this, I cannot even imagine the damage that this severe night terror would do to a human. This link to a Youtube Video is an example of a dog with a similar problem.

Similarly, as in humans where night terrors are more common in younger children, the breeder of our dog commented that the night terrors would happen more in the first couple years of her life. This prediction was not correct and my dog may be a special case. These special cases are also common in humans and drawing connections between the two situations may be helpful to find answers as to why night terrors occur and how to prevent them in harmful situations.

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