No mother, watching 16 and pregnant will not make me 16 and pregnant

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When the six principles of critical thinking were introduced in class it really opened my eyes to how often I fall victim to pretty much all of them on a daily basis! The most common principle I fall victim to is correlation verse causation. Everyday there are multiple times when ill be faced with claims telling me of how video games are making teenagers murderers or listen to my mom tell me that the T.V I watch can lead to bad things. For a while I actually believed most of the claims.

Once I began reading about correlation verse causation in class and realized how correlation isn't causation. What this means is that even if two things appear to be the cause of each other it doesn't mean they truly are, there could be a 3rd variable involved. So many people are fooled everyday with the ridiculous claims such as "Eating apples leads to longer lives" that we don't even think that a third factor could be involved we just assume what we hear is correct.

I now know to look past the so-called evidence that is shown and open my mind up and consider the other possibilities. I'll also be sure to explain to my mother how watching "16 and pregnant" does not increase the chance of me becoming 16 and pregnant. It is very difficult to establish casualty between the two variables, however, there are scientific studies that can define something as being statistically significant meaning that it is unlikely to have occurred by chance alone.

Here is a good example sort of making fun of how people mistake correlation for causation!

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