out of body experience

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A psychological phenomenon that is often talked about but not always fully understood is an out of body experience, which is characterized by the sense of consciousness leaving our body. Many movies and television shows have embraced this phenomenon and incorporated it into the plot. One example of a television show doing this is Hannah Montana. The episode is about Miley getting into an accident and ending up in the hospital. Her out of body experience consists of her feeling as if she was in the room where she can see everything and hear what everyone is saying. Even though her body is truly on the hospital bed, she perceived herself as near her friends. This can be categorized as an out of body experience, because she really was not truly in the room. In this case Miley was not hovering over her body, but she was standing right next to it examining what everyone was doing in the room. The writers in this case had a good basic understanding of the out of body experience. Because this is a children's show they may not have been able to show parts of the experiences that include hallucinations and vivid fantasies. Honestly the writers couldn't make it too eerie or scary, however they could have incorporated lucid dreaming into the episode to make it more real and believable.

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