Overboard with Amnesia

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In the 1987 movie Overboard featuring Golide Hawn and Kurt Russell a snobby, rich woman Joanna (Golide Hawn) falls off of her yacht and hits her head causing her to have amnesia. Dean (Kurt Russell) an angry ex-employee claims her as his wife to spite her. Joanna has to believe everything Dean tells her because she can't remember anything from her past. The family soon accepts her, but in a twist of events the truth of Joanna's real identity comes out when Joanna's real husband shows up. Joanna's memories flood back in one big rush and she leaves Deans family.

In chapter seven we learned about two types of amnesia, retrograde and anterograde amnesia. In the movie Overboard Joanna has a serious form of retrograde amnesia. The chapter said that retrograde amnesia is the most rare form, but if Joanna didn't have retrograde amnesia she wouldn't have believed every word Dean told her so there wouldn't have been a plot for the movie.

Also in Overboard when Joanna sees her real husband for the first time after the accident all of her memories suddenly come rushing back to her. This as we learned is one of the popular myths of amnesia. Memory recovery from amnesia is gradual sometime it doesn't even happen at all. If the directors of the movie knew their psychology facts they could have incorporated the real truths into their movie. But if Joanna really had anterograde amnesia then she wouldn't have gone back to Dean in the end and the moving wouldn't have ended happily.

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