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Phantom limb syndrome is where someone feels pain or a feeling in a limb that does not exist. I find It interesting and hard to picture how someone would have a feeling from a part of them that no longer exists. Researchers have found that when a limb is removed, the part of the brain that controls a different part of the body fills in the void of the lost limb. This means that someone who has lost their arm could feel like they feel something in their arm when a researcher strokes their cheek, just as the video that we watched in lecture presented. It is amazing to me that this phenomenon is even a plausible occurrence. I, for one, cannot imagine feeling something that is just, plain and simple, not there.
There is a method that exists which involves mirror therapy. In the linked video, they show an example of a man who has lost part of his leg. With mirror therapy the doctors and therapists use the man's existing leg to make it feel like he has the other one. In the mirror, he sees his left leg which makes it seem like his right leg that is not there. With this therapy, doctors hope to make patients feel a bit more normal and help to uncover the strangeness and uncertainty pertaining to phantom limb syndrome.

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