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Precognition is a type of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and is the sensation of prediction events, that cannot be known with present information, before the happen. ESP and precognition specifically has been tested in a number of different experiments, including a study directed by Joseph B. Rhine using a set of Zener cards as stimuli. This experiment was never able to be replicated, and so therefore the concept ESP has not been successfully proven . However, the concept seems to be important because, "41 percent of American adults believe in ESP"(Lilienfeld: 134).

Precognition has been the center to a number of successful Hollywood films including, Premonition and Déjà Vu. The plot of Premonition is centered around the unfolding of the event of the main character's husband's death in a car crash and her eerie feeling that main character had known the event was going to take place and could have prevented it. Déjà Vu has very similar plot however, the main character unexpectedly experiences the sensation of already witnessing or experiencing an event that he has traveled back in time to prevent. The plot of both films is rather complicated and mind boggling even after the film has finished.

This extreme interest that the American population has with ESP and precognition, is perhaps based on the fact that it is virtually unexplainable. People are intrigued by the things that they do not understand and with something as complicated as the concept of precognition this may be the case. Because this concept cannot be fully proven with experimental evidence the intrigue that people have with ESP will probably continue to shadow daily lives and many Hollywood films in the future.

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