Scaring America

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Too often the American populous is conned into believing ridiculous claims made by tabloids or chain e-mails. The claims are often created to scare people, especially about their health, articles such as "Mayonnaise in fast food restaurant is actually pus from a tumor." Obviously this is an absurd idea but these clever writers use opinions from "experts" and phony studies. Anything seems plausible when coming from an expert.
People need to use critical thinking. An article in Women's weekly is not always a good source for health tips. We need to practice ideas in critical thinking such as further research. What type of studies were conducted? Were studies even performed? Sometime studies are conducted only in order to get results that they want. Thus corrupting the correct method of scientific research. As long as we use common sense and a little bit of research on our own, crazy claims meant to scare will not be a problem.

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