Short & Long-term Memory

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Noucheng Yang

This website does a very good job on summarizing how short and long-term memory functions. (HowStuffWorks, If link is not shown for any reason here it is again:

This photo does a very good job in illustrating that memory cannot be stored anywhere specifically in the brain and cannot be erased specifically under any circumstances. The storage of memory is simply nowhere to be found.

How is memory stored? There are two types of memories in the complex human brain: short term memory and long term memory, The two types of memories are just processes of how memory is stored. In comparison you could compare the two to a computer and its two types of memory. The short term memory is the random access memory (RAM) in the computer in which it takes in occurring processes and executes then the data is not saved then it's forever forgotten if not saved. The long term memory can is basically the hard drive memory, and within the HDD it forever holds memory that is saved with an almost unlimited storage space (in GB,TB, etc.). Brain damages that affect how memory is stored and remembered also relates to how the memory is stored in the HDD, for instance if you damage the hard drive it can have a spasm in which files are lost or corrupted. Corrupted files may relate to how memory in the human brain is remembered and which parts are remembered, for example, someone may remember cues (included in the 5 human senses) of a scene but forget what the actual scene was. Vice versa the subject may remember the actual scene but nothing that led up to the scene emotionally. This phenomenon of how memory is cognitive based in my opinion, as all the sensory receptors send messages to the brain and it processes all the information. I think that the way memory is stored is quite amazing as there are techniques and multiple ways of remember, some are unintentional and many are intentional which are like specific files that we store in our memory bank (not yet defined where this bank is).
Psychologists can further the processes of memory in the brain by making connections to Computer science engineers and how they should build computer memory so that unnecessary memory is erased permanently. Although memory isn't erasable in the human brain we can use the advantages of technology to elaborate on how memory is stored and compare it to how it's stored in the brain to have different perspectives on how complex the brain really is.


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