Sleepwalking and I

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The subject of sleepwalking interests me very much because I am a frequent sleepwalker (about once a month or more) It started in middle school and has continued with me today. I have no memory of ever sleep walking but my parents are light sleepers and wake up because they can hear me walking around and talking. From what I have noticed about myself is that I sleepwalk most often when I am under high amounts of stress, however, the reading suggests that it is most common when people are sleep deprived. Could there be a correlation? Another thing the reading said was that sleepwalkers aren't acting out their dreams and that sleepwalking usually doesn't involve much activity. This is difficult for me to accept because the stories that I have heard from my parents about me sleepwalking mostly always involve me acting out a dream or talking to someone who isn't there but in my dream. Now I'm worried what I'm doing isn't sleepwalking and is something even more strange! But what surprised me most about the reading on sleepwalking was how a person murdered people in his sleep then was proven innocent because he wasn't responsible for his behavior. How can you kill someone and seriously injure another and get away with it? <--- This is a great example of one of the biggest misconceptions about sleepwalking. Sleepwalking is mostly harmless and it is safe to wake up or direct a sleepwalker away from potential danger if they are unaware.

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