Speed Dating

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Ever laughed at the idea of speed dating, and thought there is no way it could work. Well research provides some evidence that people are fairly good at making personality judgments based off of a quick interaction. Although cognitive economy doesn't always steer us in the right direction, the idea of "thin slicing" has shown to be fairly accurate. Researchers Nialini Ambady and Robery Rosenthal put together the term "thin slicing", after conducting a few studies, to define people's ability to make judgments based off of small glimpses of behavior.

Also in the article, 'Thin Slices' of Life, by Lea Winerman other researchers replicated the results of Ambady and Rosenthal. One example is research from psychologist Dave Kenny, a PhD at the University of Connecticut. He examined the accuracy of first impressions and how they compared to actual personality of an individual. In his study he surprisingly found that peoples first impressions of strangers was strongly correlated with individuals' personalities. People were able to accurately decide whether someone was an extrovert or an introvert as well as other traits like intellect and calmness.

Although most of us don't participate in speed dating, every freshman at the U of M is required to partake in welcome week. Yes, its clearly different from speed dating, but people still use the idea of "thin slicing" to make friends. We use our intuition and first impressions everyday of our lives to make personality judgments of those around us. Most of the time we are right, however don't become imprisoned by your first impressions, you may be surprised about someone.

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