Teen Pregnancy: Who Is Really At Fault?

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Several years ago, at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts, there was a wave of teen pregnancies. There were seventeen girls who were pregnant by the start of the summer, over four times the number from the previous year. Outraged parents claimed that it was due to the fact that the school offered free daycare to students who were parents. They also claimed that movies such as Juno and Knocked Up made pregnancy seem glamorous. The girls say that they made a pact to get pregnant and raise their children together, but parents still blame the school and media.
The parent's claim does not seem accurate or plausible, even disregarding the girls' remarks. There is absolutely no way to prove that the girls wouldn't have done this if the school had no daycare and if the media had not focused on that particular topic of unwed pregnancy. There is also no way to prove that they were caused by these things. How can anyone prove that these teenagers' pregnancies were at all related to the school or media? It could be purely coincidental.
If teenagers react this way to free daycare and social media, why haven't other schools had such large waves of teen pregnancy? Surely if these are the causes, they would be seen in more schools than just Gloucester High.
Also, these teenagers could have done this simply because they wanted to. Parents claim that their children are not to blame for this outbreak, that there are more logical reasons. Their claim seems a little hard to believe. There are many other reasons that could account for these unfortunate events. How can you prove that the school and media really are to blame? Why have other schools throughout the country not had similar effects?

Information found in an article from Time Magazine; found at http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1816486,00.html

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