The Cochlear Implant: A Modern Miracle

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Do you ever stop and listen to the simple noises around you like the rustling of the leaves, the steady breeze, and distant cars? I am going to assume that many of us do not stop to listen to these kind of simple, every day noises. Many of us do not have the time or we do not pay attention to these noises, but for many people theses simple noises are being newly discovered.
Deafness occurs in many individuals because of damage to the cochlea (part of the inner ear responsible for transmitting sound waves tot he auditory nerve). Many people are born deaf and others can become deaf or have severe hearing loss due to other events. A cochlear implant is a biomedical device that is designed to navigate around the cochlea and transmit its own sound signals to the auditory nerve. A person that has a cochlear implant would wear a sound transmitter on their scalp (magnetically attached) that takes in the sound waves around them and transmits them to the auditory nerve.
To someone who has been deaf their entire lives the impact of this device is unimaginable. Just imagine not being able to hear all the sounds that we hear every day like the rustling of leaves and distant cars. It is something that is hard for us to imagine for those of us who have had the ability to hear our entire lives. Those every day sounds that we often take for granted, are sounds that are reveled in by those that receive the ability to hear because of this device. There was a case in which a babyCochlear Implant.jpg received the cochlear implant and was able to hear his mother's voice for the first time. Can you fathom what it would be like to not ever have heard your mother's voice? It is very difficult.
The Cochlear implant is a true miracle for many people. Many of the sounds we hear every day can now be heard by those who have never been able to hear them before in their lives. To me, seeing the reaction that someone has to hearing theses sounds for the first time is a special sight, and one that reminds me never to take the simple noises for granted.

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