The implication of inattentional blindness in tricks

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3. How could people watch without "see"? Students might ask themselves this question after watched the famous inattentional blindness experiment in the discussion group last week. Although the moon-walking bear was outstanding, most of students still ignored it when they focused on the people in the white shirts. This phenomenon showed that not all the objects that got into people's vision system could cause attentions, and thus might not have the opportunity to enter the consciousness to be aware of. Due to this fact, performers often use the inattentional blindness to their advantages. Now, please watch this "This That card trick" video. In this trick, the performer asked audiences to concentrate on the "That" card. At this time, he did a good job to move the audience's attentions to a certain point by saying that "Keep your eye on the 'That' card." Under this situation, the audiences would only stare at the "That" card through the whole process. This trick seemed to be so magical that audiences might think the performer must cheat. In fact, the performer did nothing special to these three cards. He just put the cards forward and backward in a different order very quickly in his hand. What's more, when he showed the cards to the camera, audiences would be more interested in the words on the cards but not the way the performer held and turned the cards. As a result, audiences put all their attentions to the certain point and were not able to see the performer's moves clearly. People thought that they were fooled by the performers but actually they were fooled by their inattentional blindness unconsciously. When they were told how the trick worked and watched the trick again, they would transform their attentions to the performer's movements. Thus, the inattentional blindness disappeared and this trick was not mystical any more.

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