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In the text they used the analogy of a restaurant experience in order to portray the different features of language. Where phonemes, the categories of sound, are the ingredients. Morphemes, small units of meaning, such as words, are the menu items. Syntax, the grammatical rules, are the creation of the meal. And extralinguistic information, the context and body language, are the overall dining experience. All of these features are very important in how we communicate with and understand one another.
Well, since the rise in texting, we have started to communicate more and more lacking the final feature of language: the extralinguistics. When we have a conversation via text message, more problems in relationships are able to arise because often times the language can be misinterpreted due to the inexistence of body language and context. But, the fact that we are often times able to communicate efficiently without those variables, makes me wonder how that will effect our future social interactions, or on a larger scale, the language areas in our brain. Could we possibly be adapting to be more efficient in communicating with just text? People have been writing letters for ages, but those included correct syntax where text messages are often lacking that as well? Or is texting just becoming a different dialect?

This article published in USA today, goes a little farther into these questions/problems.

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