true or false waking a sleepwalker can be dangerous!

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Sleepwalking is the phenomenon of walking around, and doing other activities such as driving a car, going on the computer or even having sexual intercourse, while fully asleep. There is a myth that you should never wake a sleepwalker for they may become dangerous and harm others or themselves. This myth may originate from the probability of a sleepwalker moving large sharp objects or performing dangerous tasks while sleepwalking. It may be hard to wake a sleepwalker in general for sleepwalking occurs in the deepest state of sleep. Many doctors have conducted research to test this theory. Because they are in the deepest state of sleep they have no real control over their bodies, and if they are operating machinery or performing dangerous activities while sleep aggression and violence. Using any combination of the six principles of scientific thinking you can analyze the information and research. One of the principles that can be used to analyze this myth is to apply repeatability. By repeating this study more than once, with different test subjects you can be assured that you have the most accurate data. The data that was collected in this particular study done by Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Minnesota Medical School found that a sleepwalker may become dangerous but it is not always a constant result. There are not as many other explanations that can use in these situations. The only other explanation that could be used for this particular situation would be that a sleepwalker becomes dangerous because they are so startled that they were awoken from their deep sleep. Since sleepwalkers are unaware of their actions suddenly waking them up may put them in a sense of shock and a feeling of being out of place. Waking a sleepwalker can cause them to become violent, but does not always end in that manner.

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