Why am I dreaming about my dog , an airplane , and painting my nails?

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Have you ever tried to make sense of why your dad was having dinner with your teacher while you were flying on a place to another country? There is a theory called activation - synthesis theory which helps to explain the way we dream and what we dream about. The activation- synthesis theory was started in the 1960's and 1970's and was founded by Alan Hobson and Robert McCarley. This theory explained that during REM sleep the circuits in our brains were being activated. By the brain activating circuits , the brain was bringing in random thoughts from different parts of the brain like the limbic system and hippocampus and amygdala. This results in us dreaming about different emotions and memories. Our brain then attempts to make sense of these random thoughts and this results in dreaming.

When I had read this it made me wonder why in some of my dreams I have dreamt about people I would never normally talk to or I have only seen this person for a brief second? It also makes me think about why my brain can store an unfamiliar face I've seen for only a second but cant store all of the information I am listening to in a lecture?
It would be nice if everything we heard and saw was automatically stored into our brains!

There have been many times when I was dreaming and the next morning I wake up and can not make sense of my dream. This can be frustrating at times because I want to know what my dreams mean but I cant necessarily figure it out.

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