Why Psychology Need Reseach Designs

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Why Psychology Need Research Designs

"Without research designs, even intelligent people can be fooled" (Lilienfeld: 45). When people in general think about Psychology, they don't think about researching ideas. Psychology is just known to be the study of behavior in humans and animal. But what didn't cross their mind is if there was no research method, how can data be obtained to describe and support information about how psychology came to be.

For decades ago, the health technique of prefrontal lobotomy was known to be effective for mental disorder. Many people around the world believe that scientist has finally found the cure for mental disorder. It is true that after undergoing prefrontal lobotomy, behavior of patient did change and progress but was it really prefrontal lobotomy that cured it?

Although neurosurgeon did convinced people around the word that it does work, there were never any experiments that prove that it does work. Just because neurosurgeon practice the surgery on patient with mental disorder and their behavior changes doesn't mean that their mental disorder was cured. Behavior changes may be visible after prefrontal lobotomy but after scientists performed controlled studies on effectiveness of prefrontal lobotomy, the result of the surgery was useless. Prefrontal lobotomy certainly changes behavior but it didn't cure the specific mental disorder that patient have.

Just because some experiments concluded in positive results, it certainly doesn't mean that it cured the problem. Psychology need research design because we need to prove that experiment concluded in positive result does helped cured the problems too.

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