Writing #2-Pseudoscience at its Finest

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Almost all pseudoscientific "evidence" is marked by an exorbitant amount of anecdotal evidence. In the case of Nutrisystem, this is no different. Nutrisystem solicits a pre-made meal plan where they ship you all of your meals and snacks for each day. Nutrisystem says that eating their meals, coupled with a steady exercise plan, will ultimately help you lose all of those unwanted pounds. Nutrisystem's main way in which they communicate how their program "really works" is through the use of anecdotal evidence. Nutrisystem has even gone as far as to put a link on their website titled "Success Stories", where dozens of people, who are arranged by the amount of weight they lost, have written articles describing their stories. Although anecdotes seem to prove Nutrisystem works as a weight loss plan, they have no scientific studies to prove that their plan works better than what is suggested by every physician in America. Portion control and a steady exercise regiment are two recommendations made by every doctor I have ever had. Nutrisystem has failed to scientifically prove that their meals allow for better weight loss than regular diet and exercise. This all can best be summed up by Occam's Razor; sometimes the true answer to weight loss isn't fancy meal plans and Hollywood diets. The true secret to weight loss is the less glamorous answer of simply maintaining a steady exercise routine, watching portion size, and eating healthy foods. If you put your mind to it, weight loss can be achieved by simply doing it yourself.

-Rob Grosskopf


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