Addictive Personality Traits

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The "Addictive Personality" is a common theme amongst scientist within the addiction field. It serves as a means to explain why certain people are more likely to become addicts, and if we are able to categorize exactly what the addictive personality is, we could better treat and prevent addicts. According to an article from the New York times, there are a few personality factors that are highly correlated with addiction-prone people: impulsive behavior, sense of social alienation, a high value for nonconformity, and a sense of heightened stress are just a few.

The article looks into several different situations. Mainly, they profile an alcoholic. Alcoholics are considered to be addicted to a hard drug, since alcohol quickly affects mood and personality at a heightened level. for situations such as these, moderation is key, as it is with anything. Most people who drink alcohol throughout their life don't become alcoholics. The key to creating an addiction is "excessive, repetitive use of pleasurable activities to cope with unmanageable internal conflict, pressure and stress." This explains why most addictions occur within younger age groups, with the added pressure of school as well as social anxiety weighing on their minds, many turn to drugs, alcohol, or other activities to relieve the pressure.

I can't help but wonder if there are other factors that contribute to addiction. While it is extremely likely that their are personality types that are more likely to be addicted, I think our society has a lot to do with it. We live in a world where we emphasize pleasure. We are able to choose (for the most part) what we want to do for a living, and most Americans live with a TV, cable, internet, video games, and a plethora of things that are designed to make us happy. And to top it off, most people have a wide disposal of good-tasting foods that they can eat whenever they want. So we live in a way that could easily contribute to an addiction. We live for pleasure, and when we can't get enough pleasure, we look for the fastest and most accessible way to achieve happiness, which can sometimes mean drugs and alcohol.

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