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The internet is riddled with personality tests. Facebook especially has numerous quizzes with titles such as " What's your inner animal?" or "What Super-Hero are you?". Although the themes greatly vary, the central idea is the same. You answer a few personal question or select what you would most likely do in a given situation then wallah! you have your own personality profile. But a different type of personality quiz doesn't rely on questionnaires for results. The Color Quiz bases its results solely on the order of colored squares chosen by the user.
The Color Quiz is loosely based on the studies of Dr. Max Lüscher. 150px-Luescher-2005.jpgHe theorized that people associate certain colors with your current psychological state. The Color Quiz takes this theory uses it to supposedly predict personality traits that are holding, sources of stress, and many other things that seem suspiciously attainable through picking colored squares at random.
The Color Quiz is particularly worth evaluating because the people who created it hold to a higher standard that that of "What Character from Twilight are you?" They claim that colleges and businesses use this method to screen applicants. I'm not sure what colleges or businesses use this type but I would avoid sending my resume to them. The biggest problem with Lüscher's theory is that it assumes that opinions on color is universal. It might be easy to associate blue with sadness or red with anger ( which aren't even the correct personality traits according to Lüscher) but what about more ambiguous colors like green or violet? Also since most people have a favorite color, could this affect the outcome? Is Fred's fondness of red putting his potential job in danger? If you apply the principles of critical thinking,replicability is violated the results should be similar if taken closely together but if the results are based off of choosing at random this is almost impossible. I took the Color Quiz and the results were very inaccurate. Although I didn't it could've been a coincidence the results were almost completely opposite my personality. Along with this I think the Color Quiz is not something anyone should use as a serious source of information. coloured-squares-created.gif

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