Gender of Parents and the Effects

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In chapter 10 of the Lilienfeld text, the main focus is on social development and one of the topics that comes up is how children raised in nontraditional families develop versus those who are raised in a traditional family. A big question lately has been whether children who have two same-sex parents do or do not differ from those who have two opposite-sex parents. Currently, research has shown that the impact same-sex parents have on their child's development really does not have any effects different from that of opposite-sex parents when it comes to "social adjustment outcomes, academic performance, or sexual orientation" (Lilienfeld, 390). Lilienfeld text also points out that the role of "father" is usually associated with the breadwinner and playmate by children, whereas the mother is seen as the primary caregiver. If the female of the household is who earns the income and is gone most of the day at work, the playmate role is also transferred to her. Even in same-sex families the splitting of these roles shows the same pattern.
In an article titled "Does a Parent's Gender Impact a Child's Success?" found on DiscoveryNews, researchers found that this holds true. They mentioned that "overall, studies indicate that children raised with lesbian co-parents do just as well as children raised by heterosexual married couples". The researchers even when on to suggest that the "children of lesbian co-parents may even have fewer behavioral problems and higher self-esteem." The gender of the parents is not the issue. What best predicts whether a child will be successful is the amount and quality of resources available to the parents and the amount of commitment they give.
In this clip from the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, both "parents" here are male but each takes on the roles of caregiver and income-earner. In the end, the child still develops normally!

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