Harry Potter and the Attachment Theory

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From childhood friends to high school sweethearts, people naturally form relationships to get through the ups and downs in life. One of the most crucial relationships is the connection between a child and their caregiver. According to the attachment theory, the bond between a caregiver and child has a significant impact on a child's development on both a social and emotional level. Studying the effects of attachment is essential because research has shown that early relationships can serve as a foundation for adult relationships.

With the attachment theory in mind, I was wondering if I could actually analyze some of the main characters in my favorite series, Harry Potter. Especially with all the hype over the Twilight movie this weekend, I feel like the beloved trio needs some recognition. Out of the all the attachment styles, Harry would be an example of having an avoidant attachment. Although he had loving parents when he was an infant, he mainly experienced psychological abuse from his neglectful Aunt and Uncle while growing up. As shown in the book, he had a hard time reaching out toward others in the beginning of his first year and had problems with expressing his feelings toward girls like Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley.

On the other hand, Hermione is known for having supportive and understanding parents. This positive relationship is the epitome of a secure bond, which is shown through her high self-esteem and her willingness to develop a relationship with Viktor Krum in the Goblet of Fire. The third person, Ron, should show characteristics of an anxious attachment style. With all his siblings, Ron probably didn't' get all the attention he wanted because his parents had their hands full. However, instead of being anxious and worried about his love life, he felt uncomfortable with his relationship with Lavender Brown.

hp.jpgLike in reality, the attachment theory can do a somewhat reasonable job of reflecting romantic relationships even in the Wizarding World. Personally, I would be concern if a person's early attachment style fully determines their personality in a romantic relationship. Yet as displayed in the final chapters of Harry Potter, not every relationship is doomed.

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