Relational Aggression and Bullying

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Have you ever heard of the popular movie "Mean Girls"? Tina Fey got the idea for this movie from the book, Queenbees and Wanabees: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence by Rosalind Wiseman. When commenting on the book, Fey said, "What struck me the most were the anecdotes of the girls that were interviewed for the book. Rosalind, rightfully, takes them very seriously, but in my opinion, they are also funny. I mean the way girls mess with each other is very clever and intricate." Anyone that has seen this movie can attest that the girls in it are bullies, but are very clever in the ways in which they bully.
Relational aggression can be seen throughout the movie "Mean Girls". Relational aggression can take on many forms like: exclusion, ignoring, gossip, rumors, insults, teasing, intimidation, manipulative affection, alliance building, and cyberbullying. In the movie we can glimpse most of these in a humorous way, but in reality these situations are no laughing matter.
Cyberbullying has been a recent form of bullying that has been exceedingly present in society. The problem with cyberbulliying is that it is hard to pinpoint who is actually doing the bullying, and many schools do not have rules and regulations that apply to cyberbullying because much of the cyberbullying does not take place on school property. Although cyberbullying has been recently in the headlines, all forms of relational aggression that purport bullying can be considered lethal weapons.
Teenagers have more problems with these types of bullying than other age groups. In the news we have seen a horrific, detrimental effect of bullying: suicide. Many more children that are being bullied are committing suicide because the bullying has gone so far and on for so long. Many of us wonder why no one noticed the bullying going on, or why these children think they have to take their live to stop the bullying. It is sad that bullying can get that bad, to the point where a child commits suicide, for anyone to notice what has been going on in school. Phoebe Prince is an example of a teenager who was bullied so often and so long, that she felt compelled commit suicide.
Governor Dayton has initiated the formation of a task force to investigate the best methods of preventing and dealing with bullying in schools. It is important to know that bullying can be as lethal as any gun. And although, bullying was seen as somewhat humorous in the movie "Mean Girls", the movie did also provide an important message about bullying: there is no point in bullying others.

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