Culture and Social Psychology

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This video explores different cultures and how they perceive and react to choices when presented or not presented with them. This woman claimed that Americans are not as happy or satisfied overall due to the amount of choices they are presented with, and also pushed that choices should be withheld, rather people should look at situations in different ways. The presenter in the video was very absolute about her experiments though and what their findings definitely meant.

This bothered me first of all, but second of all made me wonder how much our reaction to choices was altered by the culture we were raised in. It would be interesting for me to see how differed the results of social psychology tests would be depending on where these tests are produced. I wonder if there are completely different social psychology institutions around the world that come up with completely different theories.

Secondly, this woman was very absolute in what she was saying the findings must mean about the world. This bothered me because there are many confounding variables that she didn't decide to mention, so in my opinion, everything that she was saying, even when paired with all the studies presented, were just inconclusive. There are way too many confounding variables.

In the end, I just wonder how exactly social psychologists come up with any sort of conclusions because reactions to certain stimuli have so much to do with background culture and the exact situation in which it was presented. I also wonder how different the findings are depending on region of the world. I also wonder why Americans are so similar according to the presenter if we have such a diverse culture.

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