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In five years from now I hope to be holding down a job at a company I love to work for, making money, and living the "American Dream". In five years from now I will also be looking at those four golden years of college and remembering my Psychology 1001 class I took Freshman year. Although many concepts were discussed, there is one concept I won't forget: the James-Lange Theory.

Although this may seem like a very interesting theory to select, it is the one theory I learned this year that completely challenged what I thought I knew to be true. I had always thought that when I get into certain situations of anxiety or fear that my physical reactions stemmed from my emotions. To James and Lange, my preconceptions would be false: they say that my emotions stem from my physiological reactions to stimulus.

It is because of this very theory that every single situation I enter I always think about how my body is reacting and the emotions I am feeling. I challenge myself to consider which came first and whether or not my emotions are realized before or after the physiological reaction occurs. This is a concept that will continue to perplex me for the rest of my life, and certainly is a topic I will be thinking about every day 5 years from now.

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