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It has been a very interesting year in my psychology class, but the concept I will most remember in the future is how the corpus callosum is so important for the transfer of information between the two halves of our brain. However, I especially will remember the split brain effect. I found it extremely intriguing that one of the studies in our book found that even though we see both of the presented images, our interpretations and speech are influenced due to what functions are controlled in each hemisphere of our brain. Since speech is controlled in our left hemisphere, whatever goes to our right hemisphere must be transferred to our left hemisphere via the corpus callosum in order for us to talk about that information. I feel that I will remember this in the future because of how easy the concept is and how interesting it is to me. I took for granted how complex our brain really is and how completing a seemingly easy task requires many steps to ensure that it is performed smoothly. I have always wanted to know how the brain works, and the transfer of information between the two hemispheres of our brain is a crucial component to learning about how our brain works.

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