Remembering Psychology

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While there are many interesting topics in psychology, I think that the one I will remember most is the concept of scientific thinking. This will be the most useful in the future because it can help me identify whether an idea is accurate or if it is illogical.
This concept will help me with many things. It can help me identify many things. In popular culture today, there are many claims made about various things, such as politics, new products, and other various advertisements. By ruling out rival hypotheses, and considering correlation vs. causation, falsifiability, replicability, extraordinary claims, and occam's razor. By using these concepts, I will be able to prevent myself from believing many untrue claims. This could save me money as well, since I would be much less likely to fall for claims that are untrue, hard to believe, or not replicable. I can also then decide whether the evidence is actually causing the claim, or if the relation is merely a correlation.
This concept in psychology seems most useful to me. I think that I am more likely to remember this idea in five years because I would be likely to use it and practice it.

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