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Everybody goes through periods of time in their life where they are connected with high levels of stress. Lilienfeld defines stress as a type of response that consists of the tension, discomfort, or physical symptoms that arise when a situation strains our ability to cope effectively. Meaning how an individual reacts to a tough/dangerous situation, both mentally and physically. Since everyone is involved with stress, whether it's as big as the loss of a loved one or as little as going on a date, the importance of low stress lifestyles is becoming more significant.
How an individual handles the stress thrown at them is how most people differ. People, especially students, tend to find little ways or techniques to deal with the stress that they are given. The thing is, nobody really understands the importance of lowering your stress. When you're under high loads of stress your body gives off toxins and hormones that throw off your bodily balance. High levels of these toxins can lead to an endless list of effects such as; hair loss, an imbalance in the digestive system, an increase in cardiovascular disease and is even known to increase the risk of asthma and diabetes. The health problems associated with high levels of stress are extremely alarming, especially with the constant increase of obesity in the United States. If a child develops asthma at a young age due to continuous high levels of stress, he/she is more likely to not get adequate time of physical activity everyday. Which will lead to an increased risk of becoming obese down the road. Obesity is nothing to joke about and is on the rise, showing little evidence of when the numbers may plateau. Overall, stress is everywhere you go, you just need to take one step back and think about what is going on. Try to use any method possible to reduce extended periods of stress because you only live once, why waste it with health problems due to high stress levels.

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