When do we Start Learning

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It is commonly asked through out the field of psychology "When does learning begin?". Our text book suggests that it is very shortly after birth that children begin to learn and the development of cognitive abilities ensues. However, very recent findings suggest otherwise. As discussed in this video, learning may indeed begin prior to birth. These findings would go as far as to say that many crucial things are taught through fetal learning. A study preformed showed that babies, immediately after birth, cry in the accent that they were raised amongst. This would mean that children can hear us speaking while in the room. In the video they proclaim that they hear their mothers voice most clearly and that it resonates with them, causing them to prefer it to other females voices after birth. The biggest and most interesting claim made by the lecturer is the reasoning given for why why children begin learning as fetuses. She claims that is is too prepare them for the environment that they will soon inhabit. The mothers diet and stress level directly influence the child. If the mother is not under stress and eats well, the baby can be prepared for a similar style of living, but if she leads a very stressed life and/or is malnourished, the baby learns that that is the life that is will have to become accustom to.

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