When Psychology was important to me

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I understand this might seem really lame, but a time in my life when psychology has been important to me was assessing my current relationship. The discussion sections about similarity, proximity, reciprocity, etc. came at the perfect time. At that time in my life, I had really been wondering about why my long distance relationship with my boyfriend of nearly a year now is working out so well. I was expecting us to be doomed, but before college I decided it was worth the risk. During that discussion section, I learned that the reason my boyfriend and I, right now, seem so perfect for each other is mainly because of similarity and reciprocity.

My boyfriend and I have very similar personalities. I've always known this, but I was always under the impression that it was supposed to be a bad thing. I thought it was supposed to make us clash more than other couples that weren't so similar. Little did I know, couples with similar personalities and values tend to be more compatible, and this was very good news to me. The other thing that really makes us a good couple is reciprocity. We are the furthest thing from a one-sided couple. Honestly, this didn't even have to try to make this happen either. Honestly, learning about these things was really important to me. Though it wasn't in a situation where I had to use my knowledge of psychology to make something happen, it really did reassure me that this whole long-distance thing, might not be so bad.

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