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I am going to be talking about two of my favorite tv shows and how they relate to psychological topics I've read in the lillenfeld text this semester. The two shows are It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. Both shows are almost entirely based on dialogue and Person to Person interactions. Also both are comedies about adults who are somewhat immature. Both shows showcase many psychological constructs.
One concept from psychology that both shows refute is the like likes like hypothesis. This basically states that we like those that like us and are nice to us and dislike those that dislike us and are mean to us. In Sunny one of the main characters Dee is almost always nice to everybody else but they all rag on her all day and none of them like her, even though one character is her brother and one is her father. In The League one of the main characters Andre is by far and away the nicest guy in the group and goes out of his way to do nice things for the others, they react to this by being the most mean to him and using him consistently. Both cases show that like likes like may actually not be true.
There are also psychological constructs that seem to be supported in the shows. In an episode of The League one of the main characters Kevin is being trained secretly by many of the other individuals. His wife stomps her foot when she wants him to do something and one of his friends clicks a pen to get what he wants. Kevin is completely oblivious to this but is conditioned to do what they want after the stimulus. In Sunny there is an episode that is focused on addiction studies and how Dee and Charlie get addicted to cocaine. It follows many things outlined in the text.

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