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From Bali Sahota:


I would like to announce the inauguration of Halqah-yi Arbab-i Lasaniyat, an informal Urdu reading circle for the Fall semester 2009. We will meet every now and then to read works in Urdu and to converse about them in whichever language seems appropriate, but generally in Urdu itself. We will look at Urdu prose and poetry, and the focus for the coming semester will be Payam-e Mashriq (Message of the East) by Iqbal, which may appeal to students of Persian as well, as the edition we will be reading will contain both the Persian original and the Urdu translation on the facing page.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me about the readings, meeting times and locations. And please spread the word, as we hope to generate some more conversation, energy and interest in the study of this venerable, if not indeed formidable, literary tradition.

Bali Sahota

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