Securing the Commons and Environmental Justice in India

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Securing the Commons and Environmental Justice in India

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Please RSVP
5:30 - 7:00 pm
2104 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Be it genetic diversity, lakes, urban commons or grazing pastures and forests, there is a dynamic shift currently occurring in Indian law and policy to commodify the commons and make them available for profit. How does India's current path reflect the historic commodification that occurred here in the United States? What insights can we gain for developing socially just environmental policy in the Midwest moving forward?

Join Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's (IATP's) Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy for a discussion with Leo Saldanha and Bhargavi Rao, directors of the Environment Support Group (ESG), based in Bangalore, India. The Environment Support Group has been raising important questions about the value of community action, law and policy in protecting public interest, considering that the commons are critical to the sustenance of livelihoods of the poor in urban and rural areas, and especially for natural resource-dependent communities. They have worked with local communities to counter mining pressure in Orissa, been part of the effort to instate a moratorium on the release of a new genetically modified organism: Bt Brinjal, conducted analysis to protect national coastal and forest protection laws, and campaigned against unjust infrastructure projects--all in the face of rapidly expanding consumerism and commodification of India's natural resources.
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