South Asia Courses -- Fall 2011

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South Asian Topics

Contemporary Indian Dance 1 (DNCE 3311): Ananya Chatterjea

Modern South Asian Literature (ALL 3637W, GLOS 3900 section 002): Simona Sawhney

Culture and Society of India (ALL 3676, ANTH 3023, GLOS 3961): Gloria Goodwin Raheja

The Diversity of Traditions: Indian Art 1200 to Present (ArtH 5777 EMS 8500 section 003): Cathy Asher

Topics in Asian Literature: Political Fiction in 20th Century India (ALL 5900): Simona Sawhney

Seminar in Musicology: Indian Music History (MUS 8640 section 001): Matt Rahaim

South Asian Languages

Beginning Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 1101, 4001)

Intermediate Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 3101, 4003)

Hindi-Urdu Language Teaching Tutorial (HNUR 3290)

Advanced Hindi (HNDI 4161)

Of Related Interest

Globalization and Social Justice (GLOS 1112): Ajay Skaria

Art of Islam (ARTH 3015W): Cathy Asher

Globalize This! Understanding Globalization through Sociology (GLOS 4221): Michael Goldman

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